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Re: Star Trek Author's black list?

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David is correct in that the thread title is way too melodramatic. Editors have authors they prefer to work with, and when editors leave, their replacements -- or the people who take over their workloads -- won't necessarily still want to work with the same people. When Marco Palmieri was laid off at the end of 2008, the folks who took over from him didn't have much interest in working with me, which is why I haven't had a new Trek novel since A Singular Destiny. This has happened before and will happen again.

Now, I don't get that. I mean, 'didn't have much interest in working with you'. It should be quite clear that your novels sell, people love them!! Seems like bad business, cutting of a part of your franchise that sells.
It works that way in any business, though. People in charge tend to surround themselves with people they know they can work well with, because it makes the process go smoother and helps them ensure things will be done correctly. It's not a deliberate slight on the people left out; it's just doing the job the way you know how.

Peter David would seem to be an author the current editor(s) aren't interested in currently using either. He seems to be getting the same treatment of not being told he won't be used again, but not getting any work either. (Unless he's revealed to be one of the five authors working on The Fall, that is.)

It seems to me that the current editor(s) are more interested in pursuing the TV franchises than the original TrekLit franchises. The Typhon Pact series is pretty much TNG and DS9. We get the Aventine, but never starring in a book of its own. New Frontier seems unlikely to get another book at this point, and SCE, Gorkon and Stargazer have all ended their runs. We've still got Titan of course, but since that follows Riker and Troi it's more of a direct extension of TNG than any of the other TrekLit series were.

And to a certain extent, it makes sense-- part of the appeal of those lines were that with original crews, you could do things with them that you couldn't do with the TV characters, such as have them get married, have children, die, have their home worlds destroyed, etc. Now they can do the same thing in the Prime universe, so the "need" for those "TrekLit original" lines isn't as strong as it once was. Still, I grew rather fond of a lot of those characters (not to mention their authors).

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