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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Cbspock, you bring up a good point and fun challenge. This could be looked at as a 'toolkit' to go and make your own, or recreate any Trek score using a tool like itunes.
In the audio interview posted a view pages back, they mentioned that they actually went back and retracked all the episodes to make sure they had all the right cues. They used the laser discs of TOS to compare it to.

It's true. Those laserdiscs - of the entire series - are still sitting on a shelf behind my couch.
The laserdiscs are the last respositories of the original series sound mix, so they would be the most accurate to reference. Even so, they're not perfect - just miles more authentic than the DVDs and BDs. I still prefer to watch the lasers over the other versions.
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