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Re: Was Star Trek 11 too similar to Star Wars?

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My intention was not exclude anyone, merely to remind that it was those who came before and watched Trek in syndication for years (on channel 50, Kaiser Broadcasting in Detroit, where it all started) that helped to establish the vast universe of Trek in which you reside. If not for a devotion to TOS and its characters by individuals along with me, YOUR hobby and devotion to Abrams would have no purchase.
It's been my observation that a significant portion of those who enjoyed the latest take on Trek are the same ones who have been watching since Trek's original run (you know: the part which came before 1970s syndication). Further, the notion that a divide exists strictly along the lines of older fans/new fans or older generation/younger generation has been demonstrated again and again to be a faulty assumption - it simply isn't true.
Exactly. I had no intention to get sucked into this debate again, but this idea that only callow young people like the new movie and us old-timers are all obliged to resent it just keeps popping up no matter how many times we drive a stake through it. Plenty of us first-generation fans love the new movie and think that it actually does a better job of capturing the zest and energy of TOS than some of the later incarnations.

(I actually have a pet theory, based on no solid evidence whatsover, that it's actually the TNG era fans who have the most trouble with the new movie--in part because they expect something more stately and dignified when it comes to Trek.)
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