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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Cbspock, you bring up a good point and fun challenge. This could be looked at as a 'toolkit' to go and make your own, or recreate any Trek score using a tool like itunes.
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Sounds like great fun, and reminds me of projects I did with the first home computers, painting images one pixel at a time to reproduce iconic Trek images.
In high school in the '80s, my chemistry teacher had a poster on his wall that was a 1973 "computer transcription image" of Mr. Spock printed by the Princeton University Computer Center, made up entirely of alphanumeric symbols printed out onto the paper -- with the darker bits being made of multiple letters/numbers/symbols typed on top of each other, something you couldn't do with ASCII text art today. He let me have it when I graduated and I still have it today, though the paper's very yellowed and brittle now and I damaged it a bit just taking it out of the tube to look at it.

I found the image online at this page:

Turns out what I have is just the top left quadrant of the full image.
Nice!! I had one of the Enterprise that someone made out of ASCII characters. We had old DEC printer terminals in High School back in the 80s. The good ole

Today, fan made images look even better than the effects stills

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