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Re: I'm issuing new orders...

My order was to apply only in situations where the shields were already up, and weapons were getting through due to the enemy receiving shield frequency information illicitly.
Doesn't help much if the enemy has a camera pointed at the control panel of the computer that is doing the rotating, as in ST:GEN...

...But then again, I'm not sure if shield rotation is a good thing. I mean, yeah, it slows down the Borg - but for all we know, it weakens the shields significantly overall, and since "normal" enemies apparently don't have the ability to rapidly alter their firing frequencies, shield rotation essentially amounts to aiding and abetting the enemy.

I'm talking about internal sensors, when someone tosses their combadge down a corridor or leaves it in a turbolift and then goes to hide in the jefferies tubes... That situation is preventable, with just a little forethought in programming the sensors.
It sounds a bit odd to prepare against your own crew starting a personal mutiny. I mean, if you suspect such a thing, wouldn't it be much more effective to just gun down the officer in question preemptively?

There are very few situations where taking off the commbadge is indicative of enemy action (say, the Klaestron kidnapping Dax from aboard the Starfleet-controlled DS9), and even in those situations the computer would usually be helpless to accomplish anything useful (say, Q takes Picard off the ship; it's no problem for Him to stop alarms from going off). In most situations, the officer removes the commbadge by conscious decision - and the computer and the Commanding Officer should respect that decision!

And that's why they make everyone wear little tracking devices on their chests??
It's not as if they provide realtime tracking or anything. Rather, our heroes check on the whereabouts of a fellow hero well "after the fact", and usually unsuccessfully... That as such isn't a major threat on privacy yet.

Timo Saloniemi
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