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Re: New Cybermen Design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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...but the effect really made the character fascinating and menacing. Especially if, as someone else mentioned, one considers the fabric parts of their costumes to be surgical bandages.
I wish I could remember who stated that upon OutPost Gallifrey over 6 years ago. He really deserves credit for changing my perception of that original design.

But let's remember that despite their superficial similarity, the core motivations for the Borg and the Cybermen are rather different. The Borg thrive for "perfection". But what drives the Cybermen is far more primal, survival. Here's a race of people who effectively d*mned themselves while trying to prevent extinction. Getting metaphysical, you might say they lost their souls in an attempt to save themselves. They're animated corpses that can't comprehend they are, for all practical purposes, already dead. A Borg can be "unplugged" from the Collective and in various circumstances, become an individual again. Various eps of "next Gen'" and "Voyager" have demonstrated this. The success rate in reversing full Cyber-conversion is far, far less. You're just so much walking long-pork.


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