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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Cbspock, you bring up a good point and fun challenge. This could be looked at as a 'toolkit' to go and make your own, or recreate any Trek score using a tool like itunes.
In the audio interview posted a view pages back, they mentioned that they actually went back and retracked all the episodes to make sure they had all the right cues. They used the laser discs of TOS to compare it to.

I only used the laser discs to compare with the scored episodes, never a tracked one. I did watch tracked episodes (on Netflix) while taking a break, but only because I wanted to watch Trek but not the ones I was working on. I had to stop though because it made me crazy because I got paranoid about having every cue. It's how I found the brief percussion overlay in Journey to Babel that we talk about.

Doubleohfive, thanks for letting me store those LDs there. Now that the discs are being produced I guess I don't need them anymore. I'll return them soon.

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