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Re: Star Trek: Republic (Book II: Ties of Blood)

Chapter Five

“Retract that tissue, Doctor Halloway,” the hologram ordered as he slowly rotated the flesh of the wounded symbiote. “Yes, right there—see the bruising upon the outer surface of the symbiote? That is where the Trill is injured.”

“How the devil did you see that?”

Woolsey looked up at the masked surgeon from Blackhawk and he smiled wryly. “I am a hologram, Doctor Halloway—my eyes are, in fact, every medical sensor onboard this vessel, in addition to the normal human range of vision. The slight discoloration was immediately obvious once we were able to examine the symbiote itself,” he bent back over the unconscious Trill and held out one hand. “Protoplaser,” he ordered, and Lara instantly slid the instrument into his hands.

“Protoplaser?” the Starfleet surgeon asked with a sudden start. “You intend to do internal surgery on a Trill symbiote?”

“Careful, Doctor Halloway; let us not subject the symbiote or the host to more damage than we must. The trick here is that the symbiote is very sensitive to any rupture of its body; while able to repair damage that the host has suffered, it is very susceptible to injury itself, and it not affected by many of our conventional treatments. This symbiote is suffering from internal injuries, and we must repair that damage, so that Commander Malik recovers.”

Halloway shook his head. “Doctor, I cannot concur—standard procedure is to treat the symptoms of the symbiote, but not to open it for internal surgery; the success rate on such procedures is extremely low.”

“Normally, I would agree with you . . . but the symbiote is still hemorrhaging with no signs of slowing. The damage must be repaired . . . or we will lose both our patients,” Woolsey said as he held the protoplaser close and made a small incision in the tough flesh of the symbiote. Dark fluid, deoxygenated oozed out. “Suction,” he whispered. “Nurse Madsen, watch the vital signs of the both the host and the symbiote; inform me immediately of any change.”

“Yes, Doctor. The symbiote’s are fluctuating; host is stable.”

“Increase the thorizatone to two point four milligrams.”

“Vital signs are stabilizing.”

“Excellent, Nurse. And there is the rupture, Doctor Halloway,” Woolsey said softly. “Vascular regenerator.”

“Vascular regenerator,” the human surgeon said quietly as he passed across the instrument. “A seventeen micrometer tear in the spinal vein,” he shook his head. “The symbiote would have bled out in another few hours.”

“Not on my watch, Doctor Halloway,” Woolsey replied as a red light over the door of the surgical ward began to flash. And he sighed. “Now we seal the incision and let Trill nature take its course,” he raised the protoplaser again and slowly closed the wound along the symbiote’s spine.”

“Both patients vital signs are improving, Doctor Woolsey,” Lara reported, and Robert smiled as he stepped back.

“Doctor Halloway, would you close?”

“Of course, Doctor Woolsey.”

“Miss Madsen, I want Commander Malik moved into the intensive care ward once the procedure is complete—monitor both the host and symbiote for the next twenty-four hours. Meanwhile, I will prepare sickbay for more casualties. Doctor Halloway, would you join me when you are finished here?”

“Yes, Doctor,” he answered as he finished sealing the surgical incision on Malik’s chest. “The patient is now closed—both of them, Doctor.”

“Good,” Woolsey said as Republic suddenly shook hard. “And not a moment too soon, it seems.”
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