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Re: Break The Bully

Well, being of short stature, my school life was very much affected by Bullying, to the point that it's affected me at a psychological level. But I use that to build myself up to be a better person.

People can be terrible, especially towards others that they don't understand. Just in the target being "different" can trigger antagonistic behavior in the bully.

There was one guy, when we were in science class shaping glass over bunsen burners, who thought it would be hilarious if he took his hot piece of glass and poke me with it. Good thing I had a pair of thick jogging pants, because that thing left a very visible mark on it, and there's no question that if I had been wearing something thinner that I'd have been burned on my thigh. I've also had someone who was successful in pulling down my pants right in full public view.

But the one that stands out for me was a guy who, in Junior High, had the look of a serial killer. Very tall guy with a very serious look to him with a piercing gaze. Apparently he was somewhat of a troublemaker in the system. Kept being thrown out of school, and the school board didn't know what to do with him. He'd also been in the juvenile prison. He on more than one occasion would spit on me and was someone I felt uncomfortable being around. Unfortunately because of him going from school to school, it wasn't the only school that I went to where he was either, as he was also later in my High School.

Well, fast-forward about 10 years later, and I'm watching the local news. There's a story about a stabbing at a movie theater, apparently over an argument. As they read the name of the suspect, I'm taken back to my days at school with this guy. It was chilling and it really hit home and it proved to me that my suspicions were right about the guy.
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