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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

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I presume Scotty is still alive then ?
There's a thought.
Didn't Scotty beam off an exploding ship to parts unknown, then they had a memorial because they *thought* he was dead? Not quite a definitive demise.
Something that does worry me about this is does ignoring IFM open the door for future writers and editors to pick and choose what they want to ignore since the beginning of the "relaunch"? I've come to accept things like Ship of the Line didn't happen but Immortal Coil did and New Frontier is in continuity limbo (what's the deal with Nacheyev anyways).
I don't think they'll regress back to the 90's, but if this is any indication, there won't be many new authors telling stories in the ongoing novelverse. There's a HUGE amount of continuity to keep track of (I personally didn't notice 99% of the "errors" from IFM and I've read most of those books it supposedly contradicted!), and if any new authors' make even a few deviations....
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