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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

I'm starting to lose interest in this show because it feels like everything is happening so slowly. It seems like this is just like any other arc show these days, don't show much during the episode, but when you only have 3 minutes left, then show the interesting parts. Are we going to see Grace or Randell again before March? Are they ever going to actually reveal something major before March? I think this upcoming episode is the make or break for me, because of the long hiatus. It will probably end on a cliffhanger, but they really need to wrap up this Danny storyline and move the series into another direction, kind of addressing that bigger picture.

With all that being said, this last week's episode might have been the best episode so far, mainly because it was all character, finally. We finally got to see a saner Monroe, someone I would love to see again because I don't like this one dimensionality of him, and it seemed like this was a show that returned to learning more about the characters rather that moving along the plot.

Hopefully next week is a real big fall finale, but I'm leaning towards not coming back in March, considering by then I will have forgotten everything that's happened so far.
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