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Re: Are there novels which bridge TOS and Trek 2009?

The Needs of the Many doesn't really fit in with traditional canon and ST09 except that it does speak of Spock's leaving and how Data was resurrected (which is different from relaunch continuity).

There are no books linking TOS or canon materials to ST09, the novel continuity hasn't gotten that far yet and since ST09 resets histroy at the time of Kirk being born, there won't be a link between the 2 time lines.

As to the comics, IDW didn't just write Countdown, there is Nero, and a continuous series where TOS episodes are reimagined in the Abrams timeline (which doesn't make sense to me since the years are different) and now there is a new series- Countdown to Darkness which is a prequel to the new film. Considering how much Countdown made sense of ST09, I would recommend picking up the new Countdown to Darkness since the movie may need it to make sense of things.
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