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Re: What do you want to see in DS9 Remastered?

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in my opinion there was too much about the Dominion war. I'd like that edited to a shorter story arc and a few open ends led to a decent conclusion. For example, a few episodes about Kai Opaka in exile would have been interesting, particularly with Kai Winn as a counterpart. Or if/how the shapeshifters managed to survive their disease (and why didn't Odo get infected?). What happened to the prophets? They surely didn't appreciate a war right in front of their door. Did Lwaxana and Odo stay in contact?
Hmm.. just had an idea: imagine an epi with Lwaxana and Mooghie as a team! They could easily take on the whole quadrant and make a good profit (and a lot of fun)

There are a zillion other questions that never got answered.
Huh? What do you mean if/how the Founders got cured and why didn't Odo get infected? Odo was infected by Section 31, and passed it onto the rest of them. Then he was cured when Miles and Bashir entered Sloane's mind. In the Finale he cured The Female Founder and then went back to the link to cure the rest of them.
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