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Re: What do you want to see in TAS Remastered?

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Technically, Warner's produced theatrical cartoons into the 1960s
I'm aware of that, but I made mention of earlier decades to illustrate how the studio animation houses were bigger "outfits" than the TV era. By the 1960's Warners had been gutted and was a shadow of the kind of operation run during the war years.

and even at it's lowest ebb of the Looney Tunes era the animation was superior to anything done on TV, because they were still primarily doing full animation, not limited animation as is produced for TV
I think that is fairly subjective; take the Chuck Jones period--celebrated by some, but it could just as easily be read as "lazy" work once the mono-colored, abstract backgrounds (or UPA influenced--since he produced work for that group) backgrounds became the norm at Warners, instead of the rich, detailed backrounds regularly used in the early Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes short subjects.

As to Jonny Quest and The Flintstones, they might be praised for design and/or art direction, but there's nothing technically sophisticated about either.
The point is that the work was and remains praised, despite the venue. Its what you do with your resources, and in the ace of TAS, its not as though ST fans (famously vocal) were calling Filmation, blasting their efforts. We know about the rotoscoping and re-use of certain character sequences, but the overall visual effort was not that of the common Saturday morning junk by any stretch of the imagination.

Most TV animation is and has been limited animation. A lot of it is just illustrated radio. So much of it are static shots of characters talking and talking and talking and—occasionally—blinking. It's move to position, stand there, talk talk talk, move into next position (or just cut away).
I agree--and I think it applies to Family Guy, Johnny Test, Futurama or Aqua Teen Hunger Force as much as any older production.
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