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Re: What do you want to see in TAS Remastered?

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If its enough to get my 19 year old daughter (who already has massive respect for the classics) and my 15 year old son to sit though it and experience the story. Then I say have at it.
That was part of the Lucas excuse for all of his Special Edition changes (along with "matching" the visuals to the then-forthcoming "prequels"), and what happened?

Three terrible versions of Jabba the Hutt (the cut scene) appearing less realistic than the full size puppet made in 1982. After a try in the reissue, and twice on home video, they could not create a realistic Jabba, or even try to match it to the design of the puppet.

Slapped in creatures obviously not in the same frame or believable scale as the filmed material (Mos Eisley introduction), not to mention the CG lacks the film grain of the 70mm negatives.

Cityscapes (Cloud City, the shoehorned Couroscant in Return of the Jedi) with all of the realism of a video game.

Was it worth it? Aside from the special editions drawing in original fans (who were going to see the "prequels" in any case), I doubt it was worth the flood of criticism he recieved for the changes.

Funny story. When The Doomsday Machine Remastered aired, we were sitting and watching it. My daughter leaves the room and comes back with my old VHS and seriously tells me that "this is the Doonsday Machine" pointing to the picture on the back of the package. Gotta love kids.
Well, there you go! Your daughter was not turned off to a model constructed in 1967, and I think she's not alone. By the time I was a kid, the RKO King Kong was already several decades old, and its effects process had been refined through years of Harryhausen, et al, but I was able to enjoy the pure fantastic nature and atmosphere of that old movie without eye rolls. I understood what the artists were going for and enjoyed it.

Even after the 1976 release of Dino DeLaurentis' big budget, efx-heavy remake (and a man in a suit), it did not make me suddenly scowl at the RKO original.
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