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Re: National Novel Writing Month

My friend, the trying-to-get-published one? She attended a writer's "convention" in LA, where there were panels on various subjects for the writers, and a "speed dating" type of thing with some agents. I don't have a lot of info, but evidently these occur a few times a year. She said it was very worthwhile for the panels, the access to agents (she got a card from the one agent she had hoped for), and just talking with other writers.

Evidently, editors are much-needed. The people/writers she met were very interested in who she had as editor and how much she paid. So, this can be profitable for me as I'm not working outside the house anyway. Next year, I'm going to look into doing editing online. Why not make some money doing what I'm good at? Editing, that is. Whew! Left that a bit open, didn't I? lol
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