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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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There should have been at least a three-part story arc where the Dominion lays siege to DS9 and Bajor, and DS9 gets totally trashed in the process ala VOY 'Year of Hell' style (without the temporal reboot and all is well again). Plus a main character died to; say O'Brien or something. That would have been really awesome plot wise!
I think this didn't quite happen for a couple of reasons, the first being Odo. He lived there, and they wouldn't risk him being harmed in the process of defending the station, and he would have certainly been a part of the action to protect DS9. Remember, the head Changeling lady said that Odo was more important to them than the whole quadrant.

The other thing is why go through the trouble of taking over the station in a war when they could easily get more useful information, etc., with their sleeper agents doubling as officers, even high ranking officers. They used the aggressive approach with the Cardassians (after being allowed to slide in), but with the Federation, which is a large alliance of planets (including Earth/Starfleet), it made more sense to use the subtle approach, using sabotage from within. I think had they been more effective while they were still in "subtle" mode (like they were with the Obsidian Order and their plans), then something more obvious and aggressive would have happened down the line concerning the Federation.

I don't think they didn't have that in their plans; they just didn't get there. The disease coming along also caused them to change their priorities a bit.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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