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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

teacake wrote: View Post
It just seems odd to me to say characters don't work so early on because with most shows the conflicts or behaviors of characters are gradually explained as the show unfolds.
To me it seems odd that my somewhat critical review about this one character elicits reactions that might be interpreted as defensive. You are usually quite outspoken about your opinions yourself (poor Neelix comes to mind ).

teacake wrote: View Post
It's like walking into a room with a bunch of strangers and seeing how they behave in certain ways and having no context yet.
Are you saying you wouldn't formulate an opinion about these people before you knew their whole background story? That seem very unlikely. I'm sure you form an opinion the second you meet someone. We all do. Might have something to do with survival.

What I look for in a TV series is character development, so that's what I'll comment about. If I'm critical, it doesn't mean I won't be open to change my opinion in future.

Well, if I keep watching this show, that is.
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