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Re: The Agnostic Prayer

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I am not a religious agnostic. Agnostics reject religion but not a higher power. Atheist are those who don't believe in a higher power. To call me a religious agnostic sounds ridiculous to me. I consider all religion to be man made, an attempt to understand and explain the universal force.
Some agnostics reject religion but not a higher power. Most agnostics I know are actually pretty apathetic towards spirituality.
I don't have a materialist view of the universe like Atheists. I do believe in Spirituality. Calling me a spiritual agnostic is more suitable.
However you want to label yourself is cool, but remember, not all agnostics share your views. Be wary of labeling other people.
You can be Spiritual and still pray without invoking a religious based deity.
That's how the friend I mentioned sees it. She 'meditates' (prays) to the 'Universe.'

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