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keeping a sense of humour seems to be typical for victims of skin cancer. My aunt died of it, 2 years ago. When she was in hospital, she was very suddenly scheduled for a surgery first thing next morning. The day nurse had already gone home and so my aunt couldn't tell her that she wasn't allowed to breakfast the next day. In order to not forget it, she stuck a note to her bed: "please don't feed!"
When she was wheeled to the OP the next day, she forgot to take the note off the bed. The surgeon team had a good laugh when they saw it.

The whole staff of the oncological department came to her funeral and they all said they'd never had as much fun as during the months my aunt had been there.

When my aunt started her first chemo therapy, she lost a lot of weight, dressed very sporty and always wore a baseball cap to hide her bald head. She used to take a rather big duffle bag with her knitting, a towel, a few snacks etc. when she had a chemo session. The neighbours didn't know and assumed she'd go golfing. It amused my aunt very much and quickly became a family proverb: whenever one of us has to go to hospital, we say he/she is out golfing
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