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Re: The Dominion Triumphant: A Star Trek Dystopia

Interlude One

Intercepted Dominion Subspace Communiques and Official Alpha Zone One Occupation Dispatches, Archive Fourteen (2380 2400)

Note: The following has been translated into Galactic Standard for the benefit of contemporary readers, researchers, and interested parties.

Dispatch: Order of the Day
Date: Stardate 56555.5 (February 6, 2380)
From: Alpha Zone One Headquarters
To: All Dominion subjects, troops, and associated powers
Re: Forbidden Phrasing

***Begin Transmission***

As per the wishes of the Founders, who bestow life, liberty, and order upon us all, the following phrases will now be strictly forbidden in all conversation, correspondence, and direct/indirect communication between sentient beings residing in Dominion space (including both touch and non-touch telepathy):

United Federation of Planets
Sector 001
Andoria (the descriptive term 'Andorian' is acceptable but not encouraged)
"Remember the Enterprise"
Klingon (or the Klingon Empire)
Deep Space Nine
Vulcan (all inhabitants of that planet shall be referred to as 'Romulan' as per the Second Dominion/Romulan Non-Aggression Pact, Amendment 47)
Borg (see also "The Borg")
"Kirk Lives"
Jesus Christ
The Resistance
Project Agamemnon

As the Founders desire, more undesirable phrasing may be forbidden in the future. By themselves these words are merely historical artifacts, objects of curiosity and perhaps derision; it is the actions of a selfish few that necessitate their banning in the name of safety and order for all.

***End Transmission***

Communique: Subspace transmission, dated Stardate 56696.6 (April 2, 2380)
To: Vorta Field Supervisior, Sector 24-B
From: Legate Lemok, Alpha Zone One Base 19 Commander
Re: Pacification Efforts in Coridan system

***Begin Transmission***

Kestin: This is Legate Lemok. I must report significant gains against rogue elements in the Coridan system over the course of the last week. Rumors of a surviving (redacted by Dominion authorities) vessel proved to be correct, and that vessel was confirmed to have been responsible for the destruction of three Dominion cargo ships on Stardate 55931.21. The enemy vessel was successfully engaged by three Cardassian warships and two Jem-Hadar attack cruisers. It is with deep regret that I inform you no prisoners were taken in the short battle; the Jem'Hadar once again did not heed my warnings about the structural integrity of battle-damaged (redacted by Dominion authorities) ships that have not received significant drydock repair since before the war. Otherwise, our victory was most assuredly a total one and it is with great confidence that I predict no further incidents with Dominion shipping in the future.

***End Transmission***

Communique: Land-Based transmission, dated Stardate 56865.7 (June 8, 2380)
To: Abraham Morrison
From: Norman Jellico
Re: Portland Harbor Incident

***Begin Transmission***


I'm very disappointed in how you handled the bombing at the harbor last week. I thought I made it very clear that when the Jem'Hadar get involved in our petty squabbling, it makes us look very, very bad to the Vorta field supervisors. We all understand that this transition has been very tough, but thanks to the benevolence and generosity of the Founders, we'll survive and prosper once again.

But do get a handle on things.

Be well.

Serving the Founders loyally,


***End Transmission***
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