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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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"Stop complaining, there are people in worse situation than yours."

Grrrr... there are, so what?! If I have a broken leg and someone else had two broken legs, my broken leg doesn't hurt me any less just because someone has two broken legs!
Yeah I hate that. At the end of the day whatever your situation you can guarentee someone, somwhere, will have it you say, this doesn't really help you!
I also dislike that one. Especially because it often seems to imply an accusation of selfishness, as though by discussing your own suffering you're somehow discounting other people's - when you're doing no such thing, and instead it's the person saying this who's discounting yours.
And when it's accompanied by its best friend "It will/is going to be OK, you'll see"... Oh, that could put me into a murderous mood. 1. You can't know that for sure; 2. It's not OK now; 3. Can you give me the date so that I know how long I am going to wait?; 4. And until then, shall I sit on the stairs and wait? (lovely, especially when your situation is serious, like lack of a job, or difficult housing situation, or debts, etc.)

It never cheered my up; it always made me feel me and my problems are being dismissed and not taken seriously.
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