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TNG: Lower Decks Sam Lavelle appreciation thread

I just re-watched this episode the other day. I still recall the first time i saw the episode and shocked that Sito Jaxa did not make it back safely.

I liked the Lavelle character (even tho' I bet most viewers thought of him as Riker 2.0 or "Riker on Steroids")

I always wished there was a follow up to the episode -- perhaps with Lavelle & Taurik on DS9 looking for Jaxa.

Also thought in my own version of Fan Fiction that Cmdr Elizabeth Shelby & Lavelle would make a good Capt/1st Officer (or perhaps just plain bad fan fiction)

Never liked Nurse Ogawa in the episode, even tho' her character was already established, I never thought she fit in well....lastly thought the bartender was sorta odd too.

Anyway, just wanted to see what people's thoughts were on the episode.

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