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Re: Was Star Trek 11 too similar to Star Wars?

Well what the heck, I may as well chime in with my opinion...

Just to get it out of the way... when one steals ideas from another it's plagiarism, when they steal from many it's research. Yes, Abrams stole ideas. But let's face it, there hasn't been an original idea in theaters in decades.

I just don't like what Abrams did with my beloved Trek. It's an OK sci-fi movie but it's not MY Trek. I thought the actors/characters for the most part were spot-on (or at least close enough. Karl Urban's McCoy was awesome even though his part was written so ridiculously), but the script for the most part was goofy. Spock/Uhura? Ug. Enterprise made to look like a Mac fanboy's wet dream? Ug. (my main complaint about the the big E was that the nacelles were too close together) ANOTHER time travel story? Ug. Kirk, Spock AND Scotty just happen to end up on the same planet to which the other Spock arbitrarily dumped Kirk? Ug. Vulcan AND Romulus destroyed? Stupid and Ug.

It seems to me that 1) Abrams is WAY overrated. 2) They couldn't come up with a good story so they just strung together a series of too many WOW moments (contradictions to canon just to shock, not to enhance the story) (BTW, can you say LOST? Same ditsy story baloney where they couldn't come up with a solid story thread). 3) the alternate timeline was a cheat because they couldn't come up with a good story while following existing story guidelines ("we're creative, we can't be limited by last generation rules!" wah, friggin' wah).

In the end, I feel like I got ripped off. Some outsider stole my Trek and now I can never get it back because I am forced to live with their bad choices (because they'll continue along the same boneheaded timeline and because - see previous paragraph).

If you want to like the alternate Trek, feel free to do so but stop trying to change the minds of those who feel otherwise. What we loved was tainted, likely beyond repair. We're never going to be happy about that.
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