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Re: New Senate Bill gives warrantless e-mail searches to 22 agencies

A Professor from George Washington University Law School comments on this:

The story received an extraordinary amount of attention this morning, including a banner headline on the Drudge Report. And it caused a lot of consternation and surprise among those who follow e-mail privacy issues on the Hill. No one knew this was coming, and the trend has been the opposite: Senator Leahy has supported a bill that would enhance e-mail privacy, adding a universal warrant requirement and a notice requirement. Markup up is scheduled for next week in the Senate Judiciary Committee. But where was this new language expanding government power? No one had heard of it or seen it.

It now seems that the CNET report was just erroneous, or at least based on a major misunderstanding. When Declan’s report was posted, Senator Leahy’s Twitter account quickly responded that Leahy did not endorse the changes that Declan had claimed.
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