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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

Donald Draper wrote: View Post
LOL! In Brosnan's films she was the new M meeting Bond for the first time. In Craig's she was M before Bond was even 007!
A total reboot would be using ALL new actors. So, no. It's still a soft reboot. Dench was there to ease the transition.

Plus umm spoilers from the new movie.... That is a total reboot. [/QUOTE]

Now, you're getting confusing. Are you saying that they just rebooted James Bond, again, in the last movie? So, Casino Royale was a reboot AND Skyfall was another reboot?

If that's what you're arguing, you're wrong.

Casino Royale was a soft reboot, Skyfall is merely a continuation of it. The inclusion of the Aston Martin is an example of what its a soft reboot--it sorta is acknowledges Bond's prior adventures.

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
In the case of Bond, every movie could be seen as a soft reboot-- otherwise how could he be around for nearly fifty years.
Pretty much.
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