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Re: 3 Registries for the Yamato?

I dunno. There isn't enough resolution for the audience to see anything - but the angle of the ship does present Riker with a sufficient view of both the top and bottom pennants, and he supposedly enjoys better resolution, too. Spotting the rare -E there might well be possible even at the somewhat extreme angle.

I mean, we couldn't originally tell how Riker could divine that the Batris was a Talarian ship, even though (we in hindsight knew that) the vessel was of an extremely generic type, and Riker watched her on the viewscreen for a good while before suddenly coming to the surprising conclusion. But the blu-ray shows us that the ship has pennant writing in the Talarian language, and this indeed becomes visible just before Riker's exclamation.

Just out of interest, what is the source of the original imagery that prompted this thread? That is, where do we see the "Contagion" saucer in greater resolution than in the original version of the episode?

Timo Saloniemi
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