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Re: CV confusion

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And then you end up having to read other people's CVs instead, which can be just as depressing...
Hah. I remember someone telling me tales of the sorts of CVs they had to read... poorly-spelled, no knowledge of simple grammar, and some even sent cover letters where they mis-spelled the name of the organisation, or addressed it to the wrong organisation entirely! I'd have blamed possible dyslexia, but I think most dyslexic individuals would know to get someone to check their documents for problems first.
I've had to go over quite a few resumes in my current position. It is shocking to me how often I encounter people with master's degrees in Computer Science who can't spell, can't form coherent sentences, and can't figure out how to effectively format a resume. Problem solving is your job, and the "resume problem" isn't all that difficult, frankly.

If I can tell someone just threw together their resume in ten minutes, guess what? It's going to get about ten seconds of review, and then it's going into the trash.

My general advice: make one good resume and a cover letter template. When applying for a specific job, tailor the resume for that job, cutting out things that aren't as relevant to it, and playing up the things that are. In the cover letter, always be sure to mention your qualifications that line up with the job requirements. This is a sales pitch. Underselling yourself just means you don't get the job. You have to put some ego into it or you will never get anywhere. Also, don't mention what you're bad at in a resume or cover letter. You will no doubt be asked during your interview what you feel your weaknesses are. Save it for that.
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