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Re: Sayings that you hate now

Another one I hate: "life isn't fair". Not the saying itself, but the situations in which it's used. So often I hear it agressively applied to a context that's entirely within the purview of human society, where there's every reason why things can and should be fair, and every reason why things should be arranged so that deprivation and struggle are minimized.

If someone complains because lightning struck a tree and it fell on their car by saying "it's not fair!", then by all means point out "life isn't fair", because it isn't. The natural world doesn't and simply cannot run on the basis of fairness, however we're defining it. If they suffer deprivation or struggle because of uncontrollable natural events, and wind up the only one who suffers such due to unfortunate luck, then, yes, their complaining is pointless and "life's not fair" is a valid response. But when someone's been inconvenienced by a social system that could easily be more cooperative, supportive and, well, fair-minded, it seems both distasteful and dishonest to apply "life's not fair" as though the person in question were whining about something that Simply Is.

Basically, it annoys me when people confuse the way the universe works with the way society works and act as if the second is as inevitable and unchallengable as the former.
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