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Star Trek: "Where No Man Has Gone Before" VHS

I can't judge the validity of this print, so, my fellow Trekkies (or Trekkers): for those of you that have the original 1985 VHS print of this particular episode ("Where No Man Has Gone Before"), see if your copy has all these logos at the end like what you see in the above link.

The logos contained here (from the Vimeo video description) are:
(1) Paramount FBI Warning screen which changes colors (version 1, used on all Paramount VHS tapes released between 1979 and 1989)
(2) 1982 Paramount Home Video logo (with all blues replaced by golds)
(3) Opening teaser
(4) Star Trek S1 opening (no Kirk dialog)
(5) Opening episode title
(6) Last few minutes of episode
(7) "Next Voyage" trailer ("The Naked Time")
(8) Closing title (with Alexander Courage's original violin version of the theme song)
(9) 1966 Desilu logo (with 1978 Paramount copyright)
(10) 1982 Paramount Television logo (tall peak; 1982 Lalo Schifrin music)

The second VHS print has these differences:
(1) FBI Warning screen is slightly different
(2) 1982 Paramount Home Video logo (normal version with blue mountain and text)
(3) 1966 Desilu logo (no Paramount copyright)
(4) Late 1968 Paramount Television logo
No opening teaser before the opening title, nor the Next Voyage trailer before the closing title

My question is this: did the earliest copies of this episode (when released on VHS in February 1985) really have the 1982 Paramount TV "Blue Mountain" (tall peak) at the end?

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