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Re: Sayings that you hate now

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"Stop complaining, there are people in worse situation than yours."

Grrrr... there are, so what?! If I have a broken leg and someone else had two broken legs, my broken leg doesn't hurt me any less just because someone has two broken legs!
Yeah I hate that. At the end of the day whatever your situation you can guarentee someone, somwhere, will have it you say, this doesn't really help you!
I also dislike that one. Especially because it often seems to imply an accusation of selfishness, as though by discussing your own suffering you're somehow discounting other people's - when you're doing no such thing, and instead it's the person saying this who's discounting yours. Even when they mean well it's annoying. My grandmother says it sometimes (minus the aggressive "stop complaining" part) to try and prompt me out of my depressive episodes; she means no harm, but she doesn't seem to understand that depression warps your perceptions and your thinking, so even if you objecively acknowledge your relative good fortune, that does nothing to ease your subjective suffering, and you can't break out of that suffering just by acknowledging some hierarchy of pain.
We are all the sum of our tears. Too little and the ground is not fertile, and nothing can grow there. Too much, and the best of us is washed away.
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