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Re: Are there novels which bridge TOS and Trek 2009?

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Pretty much what it says on the tin, whilst I would have preferred a new series, or film set in the primary universe,
The closest you're gonna get to that is the ongoing post-Nemesis novelverse.
I have accepted what we have been given. As such, I would very much like to know if there is a novel out there which links 2009 to the TOS series? Perhaps explaining what Ambassador Spock was doing before the film starts. I think I remember hearing about a comic which might bridge the gap?
There's The Needs of the Many, which is set in the Star Trek Online game continuity (and including Countdown in its backstory) and is set in the early 25th century - although it's more about what the TNG characters have been up to than Spock. It's incompatible with the prime novelverse, but hints easter egg-style that it exists as an alternate reality to it.

The prime novelverse has only mentioned the 2009 movie in passing references - like Uhura Prime also knowing an Orion at Starfleet Academy, or an Enterprise-E security officer having spent time on the icy Delta Vega. Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire seems to be beginning setting up Spock's role in the movie. The novelverse "present" is 2384, three years prior to the prime-universe events of the movie.
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