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My mother passed away on March 1, 2000. She'd had skin cancer, which came out of nowhere as she'd never been a sun worshiper, and the second mole that was removed was, and I quote "only where the doctor and the good Lord could easily see it". Even when the cancer spread to her brain and spine Mom kept her sense of humour. I was four months pregnant with my third child when she died, and it breaks my heart that Mom never got to see my youngest, and vice versa. She was 73 when she died, but she was still too young and had a lot of living left to do.

The only grandparent I remember well was my maternal grandmother. She was my youngest grandparent, and lived from 1899 'til 1990. I was 22 when she died. My mind boggles when I think of the world events she witnessed in her lifetime. Oma could be difficult, but she had a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humour. At the age of 90 she could have a room full of people in stitches with her one-liners.
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