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Re: Tribble Toy Variations

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I wonder what years LE had issued the Tribbles that did squeak, and which catalog #s would those ones be?
My first order from Lincoln was in about 1981

Just Googled a reference here:

This catalog, if I recall, was distributed in 1981 and still had commemorative merchandise (eg. medals) for what Lincoln had called the "Star Trektennial" (1966-1976). My catalog had the cover depicted in the link above but there were internal references to material and scripts based on "Phase II" and "The Motion Picture". The auction wrongly dates the catalog as 1976.

A few other pages and versions of the catalog here:

I recall a Sydney-based huckster getting a supply of squeaky flat tribbles from Majel Barrett herself in about 1986.

I know they probably don't have those ones now, after which point the electronic Tribbles with the authentic Tribble sounds had become commonplace.
Lincoln probably stopped supplying their own tribbles through the catalog once a toy company held the official licence.

The first non-removable, battery-powered, licensed, screaming tribble (ie. reacting to Klingons) that I recall was by the idea company (lower case), about the same time as the set of so-called Meanie Beanies (Vulcan, Andorian, Mugato, Gorn, Ferengi, Targ) was released, because I added one ginger tribble to my set. It came with a small attached cardboard tag.

Their tribble was rereleased (but alternately packed in a cardboard frame) to celebrate the airing of "Trials and Tribble-ations" (1996). My local bookshop gave me a free white screaming tribble just for buying the novelization of the episode.

Later, the same company did a licensed tie-in beanie of the Ba'ku rhyl ("Insurrection") mostly for the "Star Trek: The Experience" store at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1999.

Neither of my battery tribbles function today, but my flat white Lincoln Enterprises dog-squeaker tribble still squeaks.

After the idea company, the license passed elsewhere, there were definitely boxed walking tribbles, and ones that could purr, chirp and scream alternately. "Star Trek: The Experience" also had tribbles.
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