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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

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But the hell with it - I've got seven other books to finish for five other publishers, so it's time to get on with those...
And these five other books would be? I am interested in knowing.
The War Of Horus And Set (Osprey, May 21st) (already up on Amazon etc as well as Osprey's site -

We Will Destroy Your Planet - An Alien's Guide To Conquering The Earth (Osprey, October)

Standard By Seven - retrospective of Blakes 7 (Classic TV Press, spring-ish)

untitled nonfiction media book for Telos (Telos, TBC)

OCLT- High Jump (Crossroads Press, spring)

The Fall Of Grace (Manleigh Books, spring)

The Last Poor Knight (Manleigh Books, autumn)

Those last two being historical novels featuring ex-Templar knight Guy de Carnac from a previous book of mine
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