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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

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Hey all, just posted a bit of an intro in the Red Shirt Lounge but only now seeing this. So hello!
I also grew up watching the Next Generation, with mom.. dad never liked Trek so we used to tape the episodes and watch them on sundays. Still have a great love for TNG, but two other favs are Voyager (how do you guys shorter that??) and ENT. Hated ENT at first, was so not Star Trek! But after a while the characters grew on me and I loved that it was not so "clean" as the other Treks.

A while back mom and me watched all ENT episodes, followed by all TNG ones, and we only just finished Voyager.. so now, I think I might still start watching DS9.. Didn't much like Sisko, and I really dont like Ferengi. Odo however and Dax, great characters!

Eh, dunno what else to post here except once again that I'm off to explore the rest of the forum.
I also didn't like Enterprise at first, but it grew on me. The latter two seasons are the best. Voyager had its ups and downs, the downs being way too far down in quality, while the ups were merely pretty good.

Please watch DS9, you'll love it.
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