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Re: Thine Own Self mistake?

Since Riker is a red shirt and Troi is a blue shirt, yet they both bear the same Commander rank, I still can't see Troi outranking Riker.
Moreover, if two people hold the same rank, the one who has spent more time at that rank wins any potential pissing contest.

does that mean that if Troi gives Data an order he has to obey it?
Well, if Troi has been placed in charge of the bridge, Data has to obey her regardless of her rank. In medical matters, Data has to obey Troi regardless of her rank. But in a general case, one would think that staff officers (in blue shirt) would not be able to give commands arbitrarily - they could only expect to be followed if the commands related to their specific fields of proficiency.

I still can't get over Picard's absence in "Thine Own Self" except for the last couple of minutes in the episode, given that he's the captain and that's such a big role.
OTOH, it's in line with other character absences - our heroes tend to "attend conferences" and the like especially during quiet times (such as the one suggested at the very start of the episode, with Crusher doing bridge watches as a hobby rather than tending to massive casualties). It's sort of fun that no convoluted explanation for the absence is inserted this time...

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