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Re: Which movie is most like a TOS episode?

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The (slow) Motion Picture felt much like an extended TOS episode script with updated special effects and everyone wearing pajamas. In fact, it seemed not too unlike 'The Changeling...'
Yeah, yeah, I know, those are all the basic complaints that everyone throws at The Motion Picture. The film has so much more than most people give it credit for. It's the film where Spock explicitly proclaims his deep bond for Kirk, his th'hy'la. You have to admit it's a powerful scene. There's gobs of character development and emotion between Kirk and Spock in that movie, to the extent that I can't even imagine why anyone would completely dismiss the film outright.

But, that's an argument for another topic (and it's an argument that's been argued to death). I think I just have to agree to disagree with the majority of fandom who explicitly dislikes TMP.
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