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I didn't even do Homestead missions what was that? I only did the primary story missions since I wasn't enjoying myself.

Oh I did do the naval missions after I beat the game. Those actually were enjoyable. A nice add-on to the game unlike that godawful tower defense mini-game from AC:R
They expand your homestead, they are small missions where you get other people to move to your homestead and turn it into a small village, some of them even create upgrades for Connor, like bigger pouches but most of them create items you can sell with a trade route...
The first one is the guy you save hanging from the cliff...
They appear in every area, then after every main mission some of them have a next step in their story...

There are many Homestead Missions in Assassin's Creed III. Each one focuses on one of the many Characters who join you at the Davenport Homestead. The purpose of these missions is to recruit characters who can improve the home of Achilles Davenport and provide useful shops and craft items for Connor. They are signified on the map by a diamond-shaped icon that resembles your homestead.
Many of these missions show up around the Davenport Homestead area, but some are found in Boston, New York, or the Frontier. I recommend Synchronising EVERYTHING that you can possibly Synchronise. This will mean that the Homestead missions, as well as others, will show up on the map.

There are 2 different types of residents you can have on your Homestead: Artisans, and Providers. Artisans are used to craft items made from supplies purchased by Connor from the Providers. Both Artisans and Providers can be levelled up through secondary homestead missions. Levelling up an Artisan allows them to craft more complex items for Connor, while levelling up a Provider allows Connor to buy a greater variety of items from them.
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