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Re: Season ONE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Come on, watch it really on your 32" from 3 meters away and look especially on the episode names on the right menu (black on yellowish background). Do you really find this text size well adapted for the human eye?
I sit about eight and a half feet away from my 32", which is just under three meters if I remember my conversion correctly and I don't have any issues seeing the menus.
I congratulate you for your very good eyesight. Quite frankly, I am not comfortable with the text size even though I wear my glasses. Especially the labels "Prod #", "Air date" and "Stardate" on the right-sided menu, I am not able to read from 3 m distance on the 32 inch screen (maybe US 32" is bigger than European ones as in the US everything is bigger ). And quite frankly, I don't think that most people could easily and comfortably read these under these circumstances. I still don't see the point to have these small menus on an otherwise (almost) empty screen. I should make a test with my wife, although she is not interested at all in watching ST.
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