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Re: Tribble Toy Variations

scotpens wrote: View Post
There must be a lot of fakes floating around purporting to be genuine, original, screen-used tribbles. Just how does one go about authenticating the provenance of a tribble?
Mine came with a personal letter from David Gerrold himself, and confirmation by emailed anecdotes about the day he was cleaning out his garage and found it. Prior to me obtaining this one, I was able to inspect one of his screen-used tribbles at a convention. The screen-used beige/brown tribbles from the episode had to get extra dye brushed onto them, so the fur is uniquely two-toned and it makes them readily recognizable by people who worked on the show and very hard to duplicate.

It is much harder to authenticate the other colours made off the commercial rolls of fur fabric, such as white, especially since "The Making of..." book had the original pattern and clear instructions, encouraging many fans to make their own for conventions in the 70s - and the ones made to be sold through Lincoln Enterprises didn't have any labels, etc.

ClassicTVMan81 wrote: View Post
1. Which of the Lincoln-made Tribbles had a squeaker sewn into them, and which sizes? This is tough, because some variations do squeak and some do not. Catalog numbers are as follows: 0401=2 Tribbles, 0402=1 Tribble, 0403=2 small Tribbles.
The catalogs specified if your tribble was fitted with a dog-toy squeaker. I'm fairly sure those above numbers were non-squeakers. Squeaking tribbles were a later addition.

The squeaking one I have from Lincoln is quite flat, with long white fur. I guess if you hid the squeaker deep inside a spherical tribble, it would be harder to squeak.

2. How many Tribbles did Lincoln Enterprises actually make, and when did they stop doing so?
Who would know? They broke into the quadrotriticale holds and everything went to Hell.
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