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December 28, 1998 my father in law lost a brief fight with brain cancer. 7 weeks from diagnosis to the end. He had his last Christmas at home surrounded by his family, which is what he wanted.

He was a big James Bond fan, after his surgery to try and remove the tumor he thought he was a secret agent with critical information to protect and deliver to the right people. Be told the cute ICU nurse that he was trained not to trust beautiful women and there was no way he was trusting her. He also insisted on calling his "control" officer to deliver his report, at about 4 am. He borrowed my cell phone and called a friend of his oldest daughter's who worked for the secret service.

We never told him about it because he would have been so embarrassed.

On February 11, 2000 we lost my dad to necrotizing fasciitis. Had never been sick, went to the hospital on Tuesday, was gone on Friday.

He was a true craftsman and mot proud of being a steel rule die cutter for folding paper boxes. He could take a description of a box, and with his pocketknife( which I now carry), a pen, and a ruler could whip up a sample in 15 minutes. Growing up on a farm, he learned to be self reliant and frugal. Mom wanted the furniture in the basement redone and she also wanted an ottoman. They went looking at ottomans and dad wasn't interested in paying that much for one so he got his pad out, flipped it over, saw how it was put together and went home to build one. It came back from the upholsterers the day after his funeral.

I think of how much fun I had with my grandfathers and it makes me sad that my kids won't have similar memories.

And it's been a little over two years since he's been gone, but if ever there was a man who fought with grace and dignity, it was Mallory.
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