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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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An excellent audio interview with La-La Land Records heads MV Gerhard and Matt Verboys, album producers Lukas Kendall and Neil S. Bulk, and Trek music expert Jeff Bond, all about this upcoming release can be found here:
Good interview, very informative. It answered some of my above questions about sound effects and library cues. (I'm recalling a sort of actiony variant of the "song" part of the Courage theme that was heard only once, during a scene in "Shore Leave" where the characters are running to investigate the sound of gunshots, I believe. Based on what they said in the interview, I'm now thinking that was one of Mullendore's library cues. Perhaps "Impension?")

The process Jeff Bond described for how he got TOS's music drummed into his head as a kid by constant daily reruns in the '70s is exactly how it happened for me.

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Vina's Dance by Wilbur Hatch is indeed the pre-record and is the earliest piece of Star Trek music recorded.
Intriguing. That would mean that the total number of extant Orion dance cues is four -- this Hatch piece, the Courage ones from "The Cage" and "Whom Gods Destroy," and Jay Chattaway's more sedate one from Enterprise: "Bound."

That is how I got to know the Trek music as well. Re-runs in the 70s. This is the set I have wanted all those years ago.

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