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Re: CBS's "Rules of Engagement" for Star Trek Fan Films

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No offense Patty but your posts always seem to try to paste other films (especially Farragut an Renegade Studios) in a negative light. I happen to like Phase II very much as is known by a lot of there crew. I'm glad you have been talking to CBS, but we know some people over there as well. Talking to CBS legal does not mean you work for CBS legal.

Every prediction people have told me here over the past 6 years of how CBS will do this and that to us (relating to STOGAM) have not come true. Now we are working on Renegades and I'm hearing what we 'can't do' again , when nobody knows who we are dealing with behind the scenes.

My posts are not meant to offend but i will go on the defensive over projects I'm involved with.
Tom, I mentioned a bunch of other fan films in this post, including ours, and then ended it by saying no one has the right to say anyone should or should not be doing something: that right is CBS's entirely.

No one would debate someone's right to defend their projects, but as there was nothing to defend against you come off as slightly paranoid here. (and as for Farragut, I haven't mentioned them in ANY of my posts in years...if ever.)

The discussion was for people who are NOT in contact with CBS and what their guidelines are...and to" let it go" when these guidelines are apparently broken....
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