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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Season 6 begins!

Redemption Part 1: I love the new opening. So nice not to see blue pharaoh and the gate dialing is always cool.

Jonas is a weather channel nerd, LOL! He has a certain.. presence. I am going to enjoy him I suspect.

Teal'c is back on the market. I'm thinking this must lead somewhere otherwise why knock off his sorta wife who never caused any trouble or conversation all these seasons?

You know what would be nice.. if the Russian general wasn't such a stereotypical putz dressed in a thick accent. It is kind of embarrassing to watch.

I'm going to make a prediction about "Prepare to meet your Doom" Anubis. He's actually some shrimpy over compensator in souped up alien disguise. Don't tell me if I'm right.

An exciting part one which contained, and this was especially exciting, all the adorableness in the universe in one neat little package.

In this one you can hear SG:A Rodney getting ready to say, "Well be that as it may..":

AND HE'S STILL ON THE BASE!! This means the next ep will have more of him

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