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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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^ So you wouldn't mind if Murdoch got ahold of the Cubs' TV network and started messing around with it?
Given how legendarily shitty the Tribune Corporation was, I wouldn't notice much of a difference.

Murdoch is in the business of making money. He lets Roger Ailes run FOX News the way he does because a ton of people tune in and watch it. By the same token, he doesn't have a problem with Seth McFarlane mercilessly skewering FOX News on Family Guy and his other programming (same with The Simpsons), because those programs draw in a ton of viewers.

If MSNBC didn't already have the "left-leaning news channel" market cornered, Murdoch would have been all over that shit and run it right alongside FOX News -- hell, that's why MSNBC intentionally realigned itself as a progressive channel, because they wanted to get out in front of the possibility of News Corporation doing so.
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