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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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Vertical farms are a good idea, though when you say organic, do you mean free of synthetic pesticides, or free of all synthetic substances?

I say this because hydroponic vertical farming would be rather awesome.
I meant pesticides, chemicals and GMO.
Not everything synthetic is automatically BAD... hardly... but in its current form, most of it IS (because the monetary system focuses on 'cheap' and 'cost effective', not to mention 'profitable').

Omega gardens can grow food up to 5x faster, no need for soil, chemicals, pesticides or gmo.
Combining that with fish farming would create a closed system producing nutrient rich water (from waste made by the fish) that the plants use for food (also this would reduce usage of water by up to 75%).
Fully automated vertical farms if designed properly (using above methods along with hydroponics and aeroponics) can also be made to produce energy (not just consume it) along with water (by extracting it from the atmosphere) - and would completely negate the need for manual labor.

If they go with 'cost efficiency', technical efficiency will be forgotten for the most part, if not greatly sacrificed for the purpose of cutting monetary costs.
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