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Re: Tribble Toy Variations

I've got a question about the Tribbles made by Lincoln Enterprises.

1. Which of the Lincoln-made Tribbles had a squeaker sewn into them, and which sizes? This is tough, because some variations do squeak and some do not. Catalog numbers are as follows: 0401=2 Tribbles, 0402=1 Tribble, 0403=2 small Tribbles.

2. How many Tribbles did Lincoln Enterprises actually make, and when did they stop doing so?

TRIVIA: Lincoln Enterprises, as you should know, was started by Gene Roddenberry and his wife, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, as Star Trek Enterprises in 1967, but in later years the name of the company had to be changed, presumably to avoid legal action from Paramount. "Rod" Roddenberry currently runs the company, following the death of his mother, Majel, in December 2008.

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