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Re: How fans are called?

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I've seen Star Wars fans called "Warsies" on this board. Which is the stupidest nickname ever, but it is out there.
"Warsies" refers to a specific subset of SW fans, namely those who engage in the pro-Wars side of vs arguments. The term is perjorative, as it implies double-dealing, illogical and untrustworthy debating, and it typified by the behavoirs of dwellers at a certain pro-Wars vs site that I won't name, but that can be easily found with a little Googling.

I've heard the terms "Galacticans" or "Galactifans" used for BSG fans. I've also heard "Niners" used for DS9 fans as a subset of Trekkies/Trekkers, "Gaters" for SG fans, "Whovians" for Dr Who fans, and "Alphans" for Space: 1999 fans.

Apologies for duplications, just trying to cover all the ones I knew of.

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Wait, I though B5 fans were "Lurkers."

Enterprise and Voyager fans are "Idiots."

(I KID!!! I KID!!!! )
Lurker was adopted to name those who only read BBSes, but, don't post
I thought that was "lurker" with the lower-case "L" for read-only BBSers and Lurker (upper-case "L") for B5 fans?

Just thought of another one: for awhile "Andromedans" or "Dromedans" was used for fans of Gene Roddenberry's: Andromeda, or very rarely "Rommies".
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