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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

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^ I don't see anything here that should get you banned. You followed the process and wrote the story you were hired to tell.
And then dished the dirt on a public forum...
Well, yeah. Tho to be honest you don't sound like you wanna work with that editor again anyway....
Yeah. And since it's the same guy in charge of all their tie-ins, actually, I guess it's not just Trek bridges burning here - CSI, you name it.

But the hell with it - I've got seven other books to finish for five other publishers, so it's time to get on with those...

(Also, note that I'm only pointing the finger re the "fitting in" issues. Any problems any reader has with prose or characterisation, etc, well, that's just me not satisfying them. And the other authors have done perfectly fine by me)
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